Registration tutorial: Click Here for Webinars

Registration Buttons

Three buttons you see throughout registration:

  • Go Back– will take you to the previous step
  • Save Draft– will create a personalized link to continue registration at a later time
  • NOTE Your personalized link expires after 72 hours
  • Continue– takes you to the next step

VOSB/Small Business Registration


  • Your email will be used to log into your profile and event communication
  • Enter in the answer to the security question
  • Click on “Continue” to proceed to the next step

Company Information:

  • In this section you will be asked to enter in only details pertaining to the Company
  • Enter in a minimum of all required details
  • Once complete click Continue

Attendee Information:

  • Enter Details for the representative attending the Engagement
  • NOTE: The registration is per attendee
  • You must answer mandatory fields to continue to next step
  • Once complete click Continue

Enter in NAICS:

  • This represents what goods and services you provide
  • NOTE: You can add more than one category. Type, select, and then type again
  • Click continue once all desired categories are entered

Company Profile:

  • Industry Specific – identifies what you do (Select from Dropdown)
  • Community of Interest- identifies the group you would like to meet with (Select from Dropdown)
  • You must answer mandatory fields to continue to next step
  • Click Continue when all fields are selected
  • NOTE: The details in this section determine your Compatibility Score

Upload images:

  • Click on Attach File or Drag and Drop
  • Click Continue when all images are uploaded

Payment Details:

  • Enter in Coupon Code and click verify (if applicable)
  • Enter in Credit Card information
  • Enter in Billing Information for card entered
  • Click Continue


  • Create password
  • Verify password
  • Scroll to terms and conditions

Final Step:

  • Click in checkbox under terms and conditions
  • Click Submit to complete registration process