Scheduling Appointments


Schedule Appointments

  • Visit and click on login on the upper right hand corner. Login using the same credentials that were entered when you created your Vendor Profile.
  • The ability to schedule meetings will be available on the designated date at 12 PM EST.
  • Spaces are limited and available on a first come first serve basis with a maximum of 3 appointments per vendor.

After logging in

After you login to your profile:

From the profile dashboard select “Schedule Appointments” if available. To see a listing of the upcoming Vendor Outreach Sessions along with the date and time that scheduling appointments is made available visit: Please note that research should have been conducted prior to scheduling meetings to ensure that you offer the products/services the buyers are seeking.

After selecting to Schedule Appointments for the next Vendor Outreach Session a listing of available counselors and times will appear.

Once the counselors have been located click on Schedule Appointments to see a listing of the available times. If the appointment time is available you will see a green button that says Schedule Appointment.

Once a time is selected with the option to Schedule Appointment a success message will appear confirming the selection. The option to print or view the schedule will be available within the message.
** Please note, that you can only schedule up to 3 appointments. If there is availability to schedule an appointment the Schedule Appointment button will be visible.