Building your Schedule


Meeting Maker [sub-categories]:

  • My Matches– Will show the organizations you match with based on the NAICS/Business Categories
  • All Activities– Shows all activities by other hosts which you are able to attend
  • View All Participants– Shows all participants attending the engagement
  • Manage my Schedule– Allows you to make view/update your current schedule

My Matches

Filters (More about Filters):

  • Add Filters– allows to filter through sessions, times, compatibility score, organization, and name of attendee
  • View Searched History– allows to return to previous searches
  • Search– allows to search by name
  • Clear– clears filtered search

Vet your matches:

  • Compatability Score– The percentage is a snapshot of how this businesses matches with all requirements/attributes entered
  • Score Details– provides the breakdown of each score created with the participant

Schedule a Meeting:

Locate the session that you are interested in attending

  • View Full Profile– takes you to the companies full profile
  • Schedule Meeting– will allow you to add a particular participant to your session

All Activities

View All Activities:

  • You can use the directory to search for a specific event or host
  • The filters remain the same as they did for matches
  • Like in Matches you can click schedule meeting to view all sessions
  • Once you have located your desired activity click on Schedule Meeting to Attend Another Hosts Session

View All Participants

Schedule Meetings:

  • View all participants regardless of matching
  • View Full Profile– takes you to the companies full profile
  • Schedule Meeting– will allow you to schedule a meeting during one of your sessions

Manage/View Schedule


Manage/View My Schedule:

Here is a timeline of your schedule and each activity you are hosting with the following options:

  • Session Title– Title of the session
  • Meeting Location– Location of the session
  • View All Participants– Shows you all participants that are active for that particular session
  • Session Details– Shows session details
  • Cancel Meeting– If you no longer wish to attend click this option