Requesting Meetings

My Meeting Maker

My Meeting Maker:

  • Click on “My Meeting Maker” to access your matches and to begin scheduling your meetings

View your matches


View your matches:

  • The number of your matches will be labeled in a red box.
  • You can click on Review or scroll down to view the companies you matches with

Requesting a Meeting

Requesting a Meeting:

  • Find the company you are interested in meeting with and click “request meeting” to begin suggesting potential meeting times
  • You also have the ability View Company profiles that you are interested in.

Requesting a Meeting CONT:

  • You have the ability to suggest up to 3 potential meeting times.

Selecting your times

Selecting your times:

  • Under actions click on the times you want to suggest as potential meetings
  • You know that they are selected when they are highlighted in green with a check mark
  • You can suggest up to three times
  • Once your times are selected scroll down and click save

Confirming your times

Confirming your times:

  • You know your request was sent when you receive the notification
  • You can manage and track your request by clicking on “manage” under “Request Sent”

Managing and tracking your request

Managing and tracking your request:

  • If you need to see the status or cancel your request click on “manage” under “Sent Request”
  • From here you will see the “Pending Status” of your request and have the ability to “cancel”
  • When you want to return to your matches click on “Review” under your matches count