Who can Register?

  • Individuals representing a Commercial bank, a Development bank or Agency, or any other financial institutions

Is there a fee/charge to participate in the event?

  • Participation is free of charge
  • All traveling/accommodation expenses are on each participant´s account

What are the dynamics of the meetings during the event?

  • Meetings will take place from 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • The meetings will be held in a conference room (Exhibition Center 2 Room 321) at BEXCO Convention Center specially reserved for the networking event
  • All meetings are pre-established for 45 minutes, with 15 minutes break between each meeting
  • There will be numbers on each table. Each time you send/receive a meeting request, a table will automatically be assigned to you for the time of the meeting. Participants will know in advance where to find each other to begin their meetings onsite

How do I schedule a meeting?

  • Once you log in, you will find complete instructions to schedule/manage your meetings.

Can I get other bankers contact information?

  • No. Our policy does not allow us to divulge any information. You can share contact information during your meeting.

What do I do before the event?

  • Log in to your console to view matches and confirm meetings.

What do I do the day of the event?

  • Check-in to receive your updated schedule
  • Report to the assigned table number at the time of your appointment
  • Exchange contact information