Adding Participants to your sessions

Meeting Maker [sub-categories]:

  • My Matches– will show the organizations you match with based on the Business Categories
  • All Activities– will show all Host/Activities
  • View All Participants– will show all participants to invite to your session
  • Manage my Schedule– allows you to make changes to your current schedule

View All Participants


  • Add Filters– allows to filter through certifications, socio-economic categories, and more
  • View Searched History– allows to return to previous searches
  • Search– allows to search by name
  • Clear– clears filtered search

Add Participant to Session:

  • Click on “Schedule a Meeting” with the Participant that you would like to add
  • Locate the session that you would like to invite them to

  • Click on Add meeting to schedule” to invite the participant
  • Confirmed when you receive Schedule Updated at the top of your screen